In the Ghirardi OnestO prosciutto factory, you can smell tradition as well as the fine fragrance of the prosciuttos. Located near the medieval village of Torrechiara, famous for its beautiful fairy-tale castle, Ghirardi OnestO, has been a part of Langhirano's history since 1972. 

In this place, acces to the region of the Alta Val Parma, the sea breezes and the mountain air combine in a special microclimates, that, together with the traditional expertise, dating back thousands years, contributes to create a unique prosciutto.

The Ghirardi OnestO plant has top quality as its first aim, and thanks to a careful selection of the raw materials and the employment of the latest technologies, Ghirardi OnestO Prosciutto succeeds in being a unique, first class product. 

The Ghirardi Onesto plant produces 60,000 prosciuttos a year, matured for a minimum of 18 months up to 30 months or more, all of which are BRC, EMAS, OHSAS certified. 

Moreover, they are also guaranteed by the UNI EN ISO 22005:2008 traceability standard, which means that the product is controlled from the moment of the supply of the raw meat to the end consumer. 

The wonderful smell of the cellar, the delicious aroma, but above all, its delicate and natural flavor, are what set Ghirardi OnestO Prosciutto apart, along with its overall excellence. 

Sweet, pink and fragrant, Ghirardi OnestO Prosciutto is an unmistakable product, addressed to the best restaurants and the most appreciated delicatessen shop in Italy and abroad. Dedicated to an elite class with refined and demanding tastes,

Ghirardi Onesto is the finest top-quality prosciutto available. 

Prosciuttificio Ghirardi Onesto S.p.A. Via Cascinapiano, 24 Langhirano (PR) P.Iva IT02152730343